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5 Ways To Overcoming Lonliness

Life could be so unfair at times,  situations knot bow tie. A very close friend of mine heart was smash on rock by a lady. He was lost in his world, getting over the depression was really complicated fpr him to handle, it got worsen. Depression that turn in resentment. Loneliness paves in and his world was falling apart. I couldn't just stare  blankly watching him break down, i knew exactly how he felt so, i advice him to put his heart upon his and strong.

Loner entertain  thoughts, uncontrollable overwhelming kind of but dwelling there and giving the feeling total control over you cage you more. Have you ever imagined a life with a satisfied intimacy?  . I mean a happy life with no interference of suicidal feelings of loneliness. You might think it's impossible but my dear it's.


When is someone said to Lonely and What cause it?

Everyone catches the feeling, it's  normal.Someone might  decides to separate his/her self for a purpose(solitude) but in a situation they become depressed due to being alone in that case the person is said be lonely.
Loneliness is triggered by numerous conditions like breakup, Lost of love One, especially spouse, Sudden change off environment-migration from one country or another for work.

Loneliness is said to have  genetic connection and those with Low self-esteem tend to become lonely because they lack confidence and also  think that they are  worthless.

It be-gets more intense loneliness,studies shows that its has health effect. A University of Chicago social psychologist John Cacioppo, studied the biological effects and came up with much bad effect that  loner  are at risk of endangering their lives.

  • It's tied to hardening of the arteries (which leads to high blood pressure),
  • inflammation in the body, and even problems with learning and memory.
  • Even fruit flies that are isolated have worse health and die sooner than those that interact with others, showing that social engagement may be hard-wired, Cacioppo said.

Other effect  includes Depression  suicide,Cardiovascular disease,stroke,Increased stress levels ,Decreased memory  learning,Antisocial behaviour.Poor decision-making ,Alcoholism and drug abuse, The progression of Alzheimer's disease and Altered brain function.
Like Smoking  It doesn't only effect an individual only but those around them making its contagious.

How to Stop Feeling  Lonely ?.

How can a loner get over the sensation of feeling like his been lock
out of heaven gate. ?

1.Firstly you figure out the cause.
 Is it breaks up depression that triggered the feeling?.You can't conquer the unknown unless you satisfy your intimate desires.

2.Realization and acceptance of your loneliness as normal. Don't blame the universe,yourself or feel discouraged instead try to break free from it instead. Maybe you lost someone dear to you, accept the fact that his/she is gone for time indefinite. Rather than beating your brain out or crying a river just pick up every piece of you and move on.

3.Speak to your feelings-avoid shying away. Make decisions to face your fear. The problem we human have is that of standing up for something, speaking straight to our fear in hard  times. The fear of looking straight in the mirror in critical conditions.
Replace that's isolated mentality with a sociality kind of. If not the depression  won't seize despite being  surrounded crowd.

4.Stop Isolating yourself.-Get Off your comfort zone. Don't expect change, make it happen . Reach-out to  others in your world, find someone who cherishes you. Life is incomplete without the availability of close associate. Reaching out for others people, reunion with old
friends, fixed broken communication with friends by calling. Don't rely on Facebook chatting because it won't help matters but double them when you log out.

5. Work on Positive Thinking. Loneliness comes along with anxiety which is predisposed to Negative thinking. Be optimistic that's you'll be better soon. Though you may get a roll-over of negative thoughts but striving for the bright side will do more help in shaping your success
of loneliness.

Depression from loneliness can be overwhelming,annoying and suicidal. Making your feel worthless, but its not the end of the world,your mind is only lying to you. Stand up and make a decision. Human lack decision making capability . Over procrastinating and fear of what might happen next trouble us a lot so, we tend to manage bad situations.

Make the necessary lifestyle change, they say to get over a habit you must look for a substitute. Satisfied hungry needs and occupy vacuums.You can also do this by identifying the root cause and attacking smartly .And when it's getting tougher you fight to the end.

How to Get People to Like You?

How to Get People to Like You

Building great connections with people you just came in contact with in few minute is like mastering a couple new dialect it's all about sensibility and knowing the exact tools to employ. I just moved into a totally different environment with differs believes and people and we happened to work togethers in a tight box. Building a concrete network with them, getting to know them and getting people to like you was kinda weird at first. I used certain strategies to connect effectively.

Confident and Courage:

Getting people to like you, the level of confident embed in you and courage is required. Having the the mind to speak up, interact can be ill. People are naturally shy and all their imagination is fear. Can you walk to your boss, a pretty lady confidentiality and express yourself?. The might of  fearlessness confines that confidence and courage in you.

Using Communication: 

The ability to develop relationship is one's mental skill and making the efficient use or communication, verbal and nonverbal. It's often said that communication is a key, it's like a entrace.It enrich the bond between two set of people. When you meet someone you get to know him/her through the act of communicating. It might verbal, through body languages.

  • Ask questions. In Order to get used or have knowledge of certain people through positive conversation,questions need to asked. Their names, your tell them yours too, where you reside and state of origin.
  • Compliment them.People like being complimented especially ladies. And ones of the easiest way of getting liked is through this.Compliment isn't saying ohh nice curves, you look hot. Compliment what they're wearing,handwriting, smiles.
  • Be positive and non filthy. First impressions matters, being positive,using the appropriate language, abstaining from dirty talking while trying to get people to like you sets your bar high. It makes a good impression that you're good.
  • Smiles. Personally i dislike frowny faces, a smile can mean the world even if it's faked. Smiles are inviting and makes someone look friendly, beautiful and fun. Use the power of smile, laugh if something fun caves in and put one that smiles always.

Help Them Out:

Friends are helper and the most easiest way to get someone to admire you is through your works. This end people buy things they know nothing about, smartphones, Laptops. Mathematics, Many are not to expose on How To solve certain issues. Get them to like you being their iPhone doctor and teacher.

Dress Appropriately:

You're whom you dress like. First impression is judgemental which includes the way you dress.  A lady with long legged clothes will be viewed different with those on Shots. Dress cooperates and decent. People tend to attract to those whose mode of dressing is sensible and smart.

Talkless and Wisely:

They say you know a wise man through his speech and that's better to say nothing than empty all. Know your limits and ignore them.

  • Be funny. One of those ways to make someone comfortable around is do interesting and funny stuffs. Saying words that triggers smiles and laughter. Don't try to be funny be yourself.

Maintain the balance throughout, never get of track by adopting feeling, actions that aren't appropriate. One other thing is self control. If your opponent happens to be a female know those rules, never try to be too emotional or holding of the sensitive parts or look.  Above all show respect to people, like them and they will reciprocate.

How To Embrace Change in Life

Changes is inevitable and it's vital in our lives, it's might be complicated to embrace.  Change is beyond picturesque it's a process.
We experience, seek change  in our daily lives, at place of work and the circular world .Everybody is preaching change while others are working endless just to see change come.

Some changes comes when it's least expected. How to adapt to this ,many get stocks.
Maybe its happens that all the money you had is all gone. You know how its feels like, imagine if you're Bill Gate and find yourself in such predicament, how can you breath again, will you have a reason to live?.

Accept change.Life is so unpredictable, things will not always go the way you want, they bad luck but view it as an experience, maybe a wonderful one in that case therefore accept because no condition is permanent. They more you worry about the more you realize it's still the same.  Accept change because it can turn out to be the best you ever had.
just don't just happen but it was meant to be that way. Accepting it,is the only way forward. Never see it as

 Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable. -Denis Waitley "

Learn to view things from a different perspective. View life's as kaleidoscope. Life somethings teaches us things we ought to know,things we never  importuned to learn.  " Life is a game you live and you learn"

Learning from changes can makes us a better person. I remember days back when i had misunderstanding with my younger brother , we engage in a fight and along the line he collapsed. I was so scared, i rush him to the clinic. After than incident i find it hard to fight him anymore even when he step on my toes. I learned from that and now became a better person. Learn to love the person you're becoming.

Embrace Change
The outcome of this change you're embracing is something that you must take into consideration.Is it foe the better?. If i do this what benefits will it bring to my life and others ,If its for the better then take a chance and its comes unfortunate embrace.

After the changes is accepted, thought about properly a step to it will do more better than hold on.
Talk to people about it, communication is the key. If you're married let your spouse know why this path need to be taken. Make them understand that this sudden shift will never lead to regrets.
Lastly, take them along, never try to force people to accept the new you. Get use to  it.
Change is imminent! We must enthusiastically embrace it,manage it, and craft it to our

Photo credit: Chris Smith/Out of Chicago / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Stop Hating Yourself: Learn How to Love Yourself

 How to Love Yourself
I will start by quoting popular saying "You must first love yourself before you can love someone else".Many of us have heared people saying it and we have tell somebody these wise words but many of us don't really know how to love ones self.

I can recollect back in year 2010 when i was  young and wild, i came in contact with this saying when i read a little book about How to Woo A Lady.  At the end of the book the author wrote in italic! "Love yourself first if you don't you cant love someone else even the girl you are about to get", younger me i never understood what the author was talking about.

The mentality i had was trying to feel among by getting myself a girlfriend, i never succeeded despite the books a read. It was because i wasn't bold enough to take such move.

Three years later when i grew up because boys stop being boys when they the cultivate the mindset of men. I succeeded in making my 3 years old dream come through but there was something i never had which is what they author said, i never understood what and how to love myself.

All the time i spent with my beautiful fantasy i thought i had love for myself because i loved and cherished her but still i was still blind to the fact.
I spent time worrying about her,missing,texting and calling i didn't even have much time for myself rather i was busy trying to please someone else when am supposed to comfort myself.

One unfaithful day( i was boxed out of the picture) the future we had took  head shot, all the stars in my sky went off and i was locked out of heavens gate. That night the trumpet was blown i thought Jesus had returned as he promised and was a sinner so i thought am complete tarnish. I logged on to Google to look for how to blackout the breakup depression(hurt myself ). That was the day i realize i never loved myself why because i didn't have a clear understanding and the benefit attached to it.

Loving Ones Self: What does it mean.?

Loving yourself goes beyond mere saying,its having control over yourself, never letting someone to make you unhappy, like Glo you rule your world making good plans and achieving it. Nothing good comes easy its take much practise. But we spend our whole life searching for someone who can love us when the only person that can love us is always right by our side.

Self Love Is Not a Crime

Loving your self is never a crime but hating ourselves is a serious crime. Using negative words on our self has a negative effect why because there is power in spoken words."When you truly love yourself, you are enough. Your happiness and well-being become a top priority. "

Why Love Myself?

You need to love love yourself because no body will love you for you  and accept you just the way are to the fullest. Loving yourself boost your ego and it makes life simple and enjoyable.
“ Love yourself enough to take the actions required for your happiness… Love yourself enough to cut
yourself loose from the ties of the drama-filled past…Love yourself enough to move on!
--Steve Maraboli

How to Love Yourself

1. Have Enough Time for Yourself, we spend the time of our-lives  chasing materialism, working hard but we don’t have time for our selves, we don’t take break  like going on vocations. Take a time out of your busy schedule and have spend a little time alone or with friends and have fun.

2.Forgive yourself and others who offends you, if you eventually step on toes or someone gets on your nerves don't take it too personal because you mistakes don't define you, forgive and move on because life is too shot be walking around with hatred on our mind.

3.Transform your mind set and put on that successful and positive mindset if no one thinks you are important prove them wrong. Seek positive things to yourself  because you it worth.

4.View yourself as the most beautiful and important person on earth. Have seen many girls complaining that they are not cute as their friends, they ain't got nice curves. Love what you have got and believe that the beautiful you is deep inside.

5.Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others.

6.Don't loose yourself trying to become somebody else, why try to look like celebrities? try to loose weight to be accepted by someone when you are beautiful just the way you are.

7.Take very good care of your body, time and money. Eat good food spend quality time doing things that please you and use your cash wisely.
10.Grow and learn how to be comfortable with any situation life puts you because its just a test.


 Love more give more help others around you if needs arise. Life is all about you after you are done with you then you will know how to treat others. There are many ways to love yourself to the fullest so read more and don't forget to add more in the comments.

Do you love yourself ?

How to Woo a Girl and Make Her Fall for You

Walking up to a girl to to express your feeling isn't just simple as you might imagine, to some people its an heavy task while to some its nothing.I remember growing up i was once stuck in a moment.In this article i will be sharing my how to made out of the lock shy mouthed world. Talking to a female you know is different from walking up to a total stranger. If you are thinking of pinning down one chick that has been scrolling around your eye like a slideshow you have to consider few things or make some change lets say you want her but not as sharper guys do,you can enter her slowly without her noticing and you can also get as fast like them boys do.Personally i like the slow way   because its make her be the one expecting that word from while your are looking for any chance to tell her those magic words.

Wooing the lady isn't just about going straight to the point or expressing your feeling to her as soon as you develop the feeling. Women are like art you take time to craft a perfect piece.
If you really want to capture her heart ,you need to work for you it,its easy some people hate job,they say nothing good comes easy so face the reality.
You make things go your if you make your plan  right. Every guy has the potential of making any girl fall for him. You can't succeed if you don't realize it.
Shyness is another thing that run in some of our veins, do you have your target already?  If your answer then load the clip take a shot do not waste it.

Dress Clean :They say cleanliness is next to Godliness but i say to you today that its also a good tool for hunters, yes your dress code speaks volume.
You are trying to capture a whole heart so you will do anything to get her attention,so know how to dress to attract her.Dress the way  you will like to be address.When your outfits stand out, you will find girls being attracted to you. The first thing a girl look when you approach her for the first time is you look and appearance.To succeed your body language need to speak too .The odd of getting is impressive.

Get her Attention: Now your that your good looking the next thing to do is letting those huge ego go away, starting building the friends zone, make her notice that your are starring .Do anything possible to get her attention. Disturb her in a simple and unembarrassed way, never worry soon enough she will will starting having interest in your funny and annoying play.

Complement her: The journey of a thousans mile starts with a step, girls like being called sweet names,tickle her with words.
 Be Chivalry( Courteous and gallant) its separate you from the group 'boys' its note all about being respectful but Chivalry shows that you possess qualities such as courage, honor, maturity,and loyalty for her. Nowadays men don't like like being chivalrous .If you really want her love then practice how to be chivalrous today.

Charm and Flirt with her : Communicate with in a charmy way,always put on smiles a perfect smile is more appealing, make her blush.If you want to woo a girl you need to tease her you can make fun of her but be expressive and don't over tease her or constantly just mix it up with smiles and deep conversation.
Don't tell her you want to be her boyfriend yet the probability of her letting your hands down and accepting you Is 50/50. Work your way deep into her heart. As soon as you gain access you will realize she's getting attached to you. Look at her in a charmy way, she might take it as embarrassing but she's only trying to see what you are up to. when you have gotten into her so deep then your free to tell her what she has been expecting.


Always look into her pretty little eyes while talking to her, even though she will turn down the trick she can't look long. You will notice her eyes will be blinking but one day she will and she when do it's a good sign,it means she comfortable around you.

Now you can express your feeling, let her know you value her. At this stage you won't stammer because you are her friend . Don't gram words any from any book just be natural let the words out. It don't need mind blowing but simple and short. Remember to follow your heart.

Step out the friends zone : Start pre- dating before you do this make sure you have told her those magic words. She may not decline your proposal. Give her space wait for her response she might surprise you with a kiss and a question ' What took you so long'. Now you can step into the dating sphere.
Congratulation on your success you just got yourself a girlfriend.Thank me now not later.

7 Steps On How To Save A Relationship

You are the Mr of the house and you are so busy at work everyday, you think you're supportive . Mrs take responsibility for every thing, she takes full responsibility of the the kids, cater for their well being. You play your part as the head but the Mrs. does not gives Mr. his right, like the flame is getting lower she doesn't recognize Mr's as Mr. Any longer.

Mr. is is so confused "Can this relationship be saved? Should it be saved?. If you are mixed with thousands of thoughts remember nothing is impossible. Below are principles on how to save the relationship.

Firstly , you should choose whether the relationship is worth saving.  While essentially each relationship could be recovered with diligent work, both parties must choose that they need to make it work.  Because if a partner has quit and doesn't need to select back in, there is small that might be carried out.

Numerous individuals stay seeing someone it is helpful or stay in a marriage as a result of the children.But that is not enough.  How to spare a relationship begins with a pledge by both parties that the relationship is worth recovering.

Next, you should pinpoint the issue or issues in a relationship.  One of the most amazing issues in how to spare a relationship is that individuals accept the indications of the issue are the issue itself.  
For example, numerous individuals think an undertaking is an issue that reasons soften ups.

Up truth, the undertaking is a manifestation of a deeper problem. For example, an absence of correct closeness can expedite a straying spouse.  While most individuals take a gander at the undertaking as the issue, the underlying explanation for the undertaking was the absence of closeness in the essential relationship.  If you don't manage the absence of closeness, you could have the ability to keep an alternate issue from beginning through the utilization of blame, yet an alternate issue case in point smut) could pop up on the grounds that you haven't managed the center issue.

When you begin to manage center issues as opposed to indications, you can spare the relationship.  
When you have distinguished the center issues, you can start to impart your thoughts.  This means both verbalizing your own sentiments and listening to your partner concerns.  Hold your partner had when you are discussing your issues as a sign that you need to reconnect indeed, when your feelings are swirling.  When your partner discusses things that mischief you recall that that he or she is not doing it in light of the fact that he or she needs to damage you. Rather it is on the grounds that they need to enhance the relationship.

When you have point by point the issues in your relationship, make a movement want to understand them.  Then, initiate cement steps on your movement plan.  If you don't hang out like you used to, arrange a date night each week.  Take turns thinking of inventive approaches to use a nighttime together every Wednesday.  If not conveying is the issue, dedicate to using 20 prior minutes set to mattress simply conversing with one another.  And, then do it.

At last, you might as well understand that recovering a relationship is a continuous process.  You are set to take two steps send just to take one stage back.  There is set to be both delight and tears set forward.  Be brisk to apologize and abate to blame. Is your relationship worth saving.