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16 Approach to Simplifying Your Life

25 Approach to Simplifying Your Life

A Donkey's year ago a simplified life was harder than Boron Nitride. The mental bondage that life is way too cold was stock up in my head like some sort of micro chips. Overcoming it wasn't easy but a process, a journey with probably no definite destination. It's only accomplished with time and with also the appropriate application of effective medium like Desire and positive mind towards achieving it. A simplified life means different things to different people to me it's living peacefully without the stress and the depression in the world outshining the little light of mine.

Listed below are starter tips I made used of and there's no steps to steps rules.

  • Start with Priorities. These are the things , the goals you are about to achieve which is a simplified life .Have a to-do list and give each and every one a time frame . Do one thing at a time, stop multitasking, why hurry up to accomplish more than enough in a limited time ?. Focus instead on a specific thing at a time and quit being disquiet of things instead pay attention to what important but we tend to run farther than our own legs. 

  • Drop commitment with less value, revaluate commitment, drop off things you don't need or isn't adding value and pay attention to those with more values. Life is all change and it's wise to drop anything that's resistant to change to match with the happening in your life. 

  • Be satisfied with what you have. The urge to accumulate all the material wealth in the world don't make us satisfied and fulfilled but it makes life complicated and battle of the fittest instead of having a balance. "If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that bought it back _Holly Black. 

1. Change what you can change.
2. Do thing that brings you joy..
3. Stop feeling not good enough and trying to be perfect.
4. Switch off your phone off when you need quiet moment.
5. Increase your awareness, don't die with lack of knowledge or settle down for less.
6. Set yourself tasks from which you'll gain satisfaction.
7. Identify where your strength lies.
8. Don’t worry about tomorrow.
9. Know, be and believe in your self.
10. Stop procrastination.
11. Let discipline be your best friend.
12. Stay spiritually strong, morally too.
13. Control your thoughts.
14. Make friends with simple people and those who have the same focus as yours.
15. Don’t follow everything your heart tells you, verify them before you take a step.
16. Be slow to Anger. 

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Are You Planting A Seed Of Change?

Are You Planting A Seed Of Change?

 What the future holds is far better than all the flashy things we own, have access to this moments, It works directly proportional to what type of seed is sowed today. All the fruits of today are the product of seed sown yesterday.The marked you make last longer, longer after you're gone, generations to come will reap from your good works. The greats wall of today were built centuries ago, the technologies and a whole lot of others.

 Everything in life works in two ways, even the almighty karma has it, "cause and effect"  every action has a corresponding consequence . If you plant good  you will reap good and if you plant bad  you will reap bad effects. The Bible affirms it and even went further to elongate it tO generations unborn. Sickeningly it seems, Some of the world problems are products of man's wrong deeds.

When i say  Seed i mean the efforts you put into making things get better for the the generation yet to come. Is your deeds the type that adds  or will add value to life, make it worth living and less pains for the future leaders? .

You can be the change the world seek if you sow a seed today on a fertile soil. By sowing on a fertile soil i mean implementing or employing all the necessary tools, the best of you for the betterness of those looking upto you.

You can start today, start by changing your mind,by embracing positivity, throw away the rotten side of you and let the little light of yours to shine, the seeds of your tree can go places and years laters by virtues they leave traces.

What Kind of mark do you wish to leave ,the ones you make today stays time indefinite. Lets use any opportunity to fight for change and for betterness of your world.  Don't “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” 
― Robert Louis Stevenson.

What type of seed Are you sowing are you planting a seed of change?

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Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Whatever you think of will grow, if you think positively that you can move mountain and you act on it yes you can. Nothing is impossible ,even the world itself is possible.

We all seek something and we expect others to be the person we want them to be,  its impossible to remove the plank in our neighbors eye when our own is taller.

You know the famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi who said "be the change
you wish to see in the world
" .It's self explanatory isn't it?. Every body be yelling change to the world, but we're not putting no effort at all,instead of working towards change which begins with us we expecting somebody else to bring the change we seek.
Some expect the government,politicians and religion to bring it ,while others just stay neutral to the changes.

"Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so ... Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it!

Begin with yourself ,shift your thoughts about change, see it as something within not far away.

Do want need to be done.If you wish things are never right as it supposed to be, stop contemplating, adopt that thing and work toward placing it on the right position.

Be the change ,begin to be now what you will be hereafter.
Never trying to force people to accept change but lived an exemplary changed life.

Deal with the cause not focus on the problem itself, the more you pay attention to change itself rather than how you can bring it into reality the more things get worst.

Stop Trying to Change The World: Find a Better Mission

You can not change the world

We spend most of our precious times ignoring, disturbing yourself abstract entities and the corrupt world. Calculating endlessly, filling our innocent mindset with frustrated thought, having nightmare ,paint blank pictures that can  change the world. Thousands are yelling, change to the world while others are neutral. For me i don't buy that idea.  I find it unreasonable, am out here voraciously.

Esoterically we believe human are really specialized, in science and technology. And its advancement can parachute human to the next level where human sorrows will be completing eliminated.
Despite the trail nothing extra-positive has been accomplished in regards to rebranding the  world into a modernize faultless being.
From my point of view i can't boldly proclaim that i have the capability of changing  the world except the sphere that surrounds me. I know its far beyond yes i can, its should each man to his own soul,i change mine you change yours individually. But its so impossible to changes things when our heart is rock, i believe change starts deep inside then its explode to outer side.

“ I have never been especially impressed by the heroics of people convinced they are about to change the world. I am more awed by those who struggle to make one small difference.     
-Ellen Goodman

This days we're only after the ourselves,family and few  friends.The leaders  don't consider the opinion of followers, they enact laws they never lived up to. They make weak prom
ises. And you're figuring out how you can change the world when you're supposed to be stacking up your papers to perfect height. I believe neutral fellow are those who add value to the world.

The world has been buried already,why not try and resurrect the one that the mirror reflects and that's you. Everything has already gone sideways.

The world’s leading climate scientists are issuing dire warnings on climate change. So sad human are the cause of this,  now answer this simple question. Can you fix climate change? I know you can so go fix for me am too busy taking care of myself.

The media is s*xaulising nearly everything,soon they will s*xualise  air.

95 percent of all species disappeared. Dinosaurs are no where to be found, In the great
Permian Extinction 230 million years ago. Where are they? Only God knows. Bring them back please Mr world changer.

Technology should completely cure disease and send it to extinction rather than treating then.
Bloodshed and political instability are increasing. Child mortality, Abuse and twisted version love.
If am to change anything, will only change the people around my. And that's what am after not the entire universe.

Am not going against the world orders but am trying to configure somewhat worthily. Many  believe that can help change the world if we indulge our self in certain practices.
How many of us is even ready to sacrifice for other, every one seems greedy this days. When you think how hard you struggled for it. It's a waste of time, energy and resources trying to make the impossible possible so, stop trying to change the world, find a better mission.

Over to you.

Do you believe believe you can change the world? If yes then why do you think its  possible? And what are you doing to help change the world..
Those like me who don't buy such idea, what are you doing to improve yourself and the world around you?...

How To Embrace Change in Life

Changes is inevitable and it's vital in our lives, it's might be complicated to embrace.  Change is beyond picturesque it's a process.
We experience, seek change  in our daily lives, at place of work and the circular world .Everybody is preaching change while others are working endless just to see change come.

Some changes comes when it's least expected. How to adapt to this ,many get stocks.
Maybe its happens that all the money you had is all gone. You know how its feels like, imagine if you're Bill Gate and find yourself in such predicament, how can you breath again, will you have a reason to live?.

Accept change.Life is so unpredictable, things will not always go the way you want, they bad luck but view it as an experience, maybe a wonderful one in that case therefore accept because no condition is permanent. They more you worry about the more you realize it's still the same.  Accept change because it can turn out to be the best you ever had.
just don't just happen but it was meant to be that way. Accepting it,is the only way forward. Never see it as

 Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable. -Denis Waitley "

Learn to view things from a different perspective. View life's as kaleidoscope. Life somethings teaches us things we ought to know,things we never  importuned to learn.  " Life is a game you live and you learn"

Learning from changes can makes us a better person. I remember days back when i had misunderstanding with my younger brother , we engage in a fight and along the line he collapsed. I was so scared, i rush him to the clinic. After than incident i find it hard to fight him anymore even when he step on my toes. I learned from that and now became a better person. Learn to love the person you're becoming.

Embrace Change
The outcome of this change you're embracing is something that you must take into consideration.Is it foe the better?. If i do this what benefits will it bring to my life and others ,If its for the better then take a chance and its comes unfortunate embrace.

After the changes is accepted, thought about properly a step to it will do more better than hold on.
Talk to people about it, communication is the key. If you're married let your spouse know why this path need to be taken. Make them understand that this sudden shift will never lead to regrets.
Lastly, take them along, never try to force people to accept the new you. Get use to  it.
Change is imminent! We must enthusiastically embrace it,manage it, and craft it to our

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