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Start Taking Control: 10 Things You Should Start Doing To Yourself

Start Taking Control:

Busy schedule most at times and laziness tempers with our well being.Having full control of your self is far beyond eating good and dressing nice. Love is care and care is of different stages, it's proper balance of ones physical,spiritual,emotional stage. Maintaining a good hygiene,health to self improvement. Many procrastinate, other lets others decide for them while other save for tomorrow and limit their self from certain right and privilege now.

Note that there is fine line between making most out of today and trading what you desire most all for the pleasure of today. Life  and things goes sideways this end and it's advisable to secure the future and enjoy the present still.

Are you still a slave to your own self? Then who's the boss. Never limit yourself. Starting taking control of your life and acquire all the necessary things that you ought to obtain. Being now, start doing the below thing to your self.

1. Take Good Care Of Yourself

A healthy lifestyles and practice improves one's self, it's easy to have a pure mind and be a good shape when you eating good, stop eating junk foods and managing when you know the it not advancing your physical health. Exercise daily, making all those joint and the whole of your body system vibrant. And never forget to have enough rest after a hard day at work, never try to cheat sleep because you can't. An individual who takes good care of his self is a happy,positive minded man.

2.Flee Away From Negative Thoughts

No amount of negative conversion has the power to triumph over any discomfort the only out of it is apply techniques, to get rid of them when it comes to your nothing that negative self talk is within, detach it and don't gives room for it.

3.Stop Making Assumption

Self judgemental without proof of being guilty or of what other thought about you, the imagination of not being accepted like everybody that surrounds you when  you have no proof that it's truth. Assuming that people are pissed of because you mistake A for B or little bird is probably gossiping about you as you walked by is of no important. Instead approach the little bird but why worrying thing without proof, thing you're not actually sure about? Look for proof instead of making assumptions.

4. Remind Yourself of the Things You Are Thankful For

There are 24 hours in a day, you spent nearly all on jobs,in the office all in the names of making money. Taking few seconds off to appreciate life and things therein won't have any negative effect on you and your business.

5.Worry Less

If you found yourself being dealt with by excessive worries the best thing to do is interrupt such unpleasant feeling with something totally different.  You can match Mr. Ben or listen to songs and if it's still persist then get out your comfort zone. Mingle with happy people who makes you smile.

6. Refrain from Trying to be Perfect

Everyone get piss off, you yelled at someone or say provocative words to people. No one is totally clean, have no fear of perfection because you'll never reach there.

7. Learn Loving, Yourself and Others

Nothing is so sweet like a kiss from a friend, and nothing is so romantic than giving out love unconditionally. No certificate or practice is required to care and be there for others around you. And most of all treating yourself the exact way you do others.

8. Be There For Others, Help Others Out

It's brings joy  while helping someone out of situations. Volunteer to build churches, school. You can involve in community development or humanitarian service. Volunteer your precious busy time to reach out for someone or your money. The more you care for others the more your blessing  doubles.

9.Increase Your Social Activity

By doing this you boast yourself. Negative thinking comes to lonely minds, social interactions increases your happiness. Networking with fun loving and positive person, positive energy will influence you. You can use the social media ,social gathering. Go outdoors and interact with people with differ believes.

10. Life Happily Everyday

The very purpose of live is to seek happiness.  Seek not happiness too greedily. Change your thought because it depend on your thoughts. Eat when you feel hungry,sleep, interact with people and never hurt someone. Smile even in worst situations.

Life is too short to be lacking behind. Live life to it's fullest, explore. Make a different, leave legacy behind. Many believes will always come around to swing the balance. Start taking control now or never.

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Are Your Wasting or Investing Your Time?

Are Your Wasting or Investing Your Time?
A Lot of us likes procrastination, we enjoy misusing time. Time , the mysterious most important and valuable medium human have ever witness. Time rides on a whites horse, it doesn't wait for no one not even the richest people in the world can afford time. Time is priceless with value. It travel farther than anyone could imagine, it required a knowledgeable man to understand the best technique to management and work ahead of it.

Most younger people from 15 to 25 mismanage their time, they waste it only things that don't enrich their lives. They misuse it on one thing or the other, watching tv  programmes programs that don't lead to self improvement. Playing violent video games that neither corrupt their mindset or educated them about thuggin. While millions waste it on the internet on social media, exchanging erotic massage or trying to build unimportant networks, reading status and posting Amen on comments.

Sucessful people slaved their time, invested it. Someone once told me to avoid certains   things that are appealing now and enjoy them later when the time is right.

All the famous people in the world built the fortunes all day all night. Weakness of will and distraction of the eye, lust of the flesh can makes anyone risk time for nothing.

Some years ago i had nearly all trending social media account, i never understood that time should be made premium. I wasted all my youthful age chatting on social networking site all the name of making friends. It was fun, but i never knew what i was missing out, what i was doing. Well , it's a psycho that everybody bike it. Mines wasn't purposeful until i discovered blogging. But before then all the time i invested on unprofitable networking ended up giving rise to nothing but regrets years after.


Investing time produces success in time. Organizing your your life around those top priorities, working on how to achieve the top gaol. There will always be distractions. Having a schedule and timer can help achieve a lot. As a student the best way to invest your time is on books, studying hard. Trying to beat time and be the best  of all time. Youthful stage is full of distractions, time killers. A lot of things can take most of your time, it can make you lose focus. It might through friends,Phone and things around.
To be successful in life you have to cut down the time you waste with friends, the time you use your laptops,even pick phone calls , entertain visitors . Use them on the most important task  ahead of you. Plan your time and put it to wise use.
The say all work and no play makes you a dull boy right? You can play later,that's when you might have succeeded. You can spend your time wisely and make good use of every single section now and enjoy tomorrow.

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How to Manage Your Time Effectively

How to Manage Your Time Effectively
Do you run out of time or off your schedule ? ,or one particular event eat up all your times.
Time is two form, one the physical clock on the wall of your house or wrist and two the most important one, the one in your head.

The wall clock is made of sec,Min,hour, and only 24 hours a day, its natural to run behind the wall clock while the one in your head is the powerhouse that manage and directs how efficient you gets along with the one on your wrist.

People always think that there's more time, they forget that time waits for no one.
A bunch of irrelevant things makes people come short of what they planned to achieve or meet up in a short while.

Anyone that follows the clock time is bound to run out of it,why because he thinks he has more hours to relax while those that make use of relevant time which is the mental time have less or no time to waste in their plan.

How to Manage Time Effectively

Ignore Distraction. Planning on writing a report or you're working on a home work and two ear is blocked with head phones,the television is on. Turn a blind eye to those things that is killing your time,avoid being distracted. Take away those unnecessary and eye pleasing distraction.

Focus. If you have a target, what you'll do is point your focus on achieving it, it might be time a lot of your clock time but What you point your camera at is what you'll capture. Patience and consistency hunger to succeed can set your mental time to work effectively.

Get Disciplined. It impossible to beat the time unless you  get under control. Distraction is everywhere, they are brother to time, so they comes around until you eliminate them by possessing mental  discipline.

Set time Management Goals.Know what you want, how much time you have and when the task is to completed. Create a manage goal , let every task and thing have a specific time, cut down all those time waster, social networking site are one of those, for example Facebook, twitter and the rest.

No Unnecessary Communications. You have task to deal with and your friend comes around with gist, an unnecessary text, phone calls, emails. It advisable to turn off your computer and phone notifications or put them on flight mode. Time flies it does not wait for no one.

Kill Irrelevant thoughts. Maybe you're the type that think it's impossible to get all the job on your desk done in limited time, so you start compromising, i can't do this, the time you wasted in thinking its not possible should have used attempting one.Note: "Lost time can never to regain".

Create a Daily Plan.You can be punctual to work, you can manage your time effectively by planing ahead of time, it give you overview of how you whole, or week schedule will be like and you know if it's going to be a tight day or not.

Check my article Never Start Up A Day in Neutral.

The Important Tasks First.If  one is important than the one, consider concentrating on the most important one. Don't Worry About info that aren't important. You cant be a perfectionist when multiple task is looking at, you can never get all things done as planned. Something must pop out that will make you fuss about unimportant details.

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