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How Many Times Can A Heart Be Broken

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How any time can an individual suffer from heart depression,? a friend of mine just got heart broken for the fifth time,  I thought it only hurt the first time while the rest makes you stronger.

Heart break is more than just a depression or an emotional defeat; I think it like a breeze that must come your way one day as long as your are in a relationship.
It can be caused can varieties of factors, heartbreak can be experienced times without number and in difference circumstances. Between lovers, friends and even pets.

Being abused or cheated on, being lied to or betrayed by loved ones.
A study carried by explains how an individual feels and what they go through according to medical science.
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy  informally known as 'broken heart syndrome' since it regularly happens because of a passionate or physical stun. It practically dependably happens to ladies and patients are normally in a basic state throughout the first and foremost 48 hours.\

See the picture explanation below:
Photo credit : science20 

"These patients might be troublesome to supervise
for crisis doctors and cardiologists apparently equivalent," says Brown University cardiology individual Richard Regnante, M.d.

"They may be in acute myocardial infarction, cardiogenic stun, or extreme heart disappointment.
They may require progressed life help with aviation route administration and meds to uphold circulatory strain."

Taking into account electrocardiographic tracings
furthermore blood tests for heart harm, patients appear to be showing at least a bit of kindness strike anyway cardiologists uncover no blockage.

Now you know that being heart broken is a dangerous game and more is still happening young people are still experiencing it  by day and there is more to see like the heart was meant to be broken. Actually you can die of heart break if care is not taken.

There is no specific how to prevent it, no body can tell if you will experience it some day.
The heart can be broken times without number, there is no specific number of time.
No the question is how many have yours been hurt and did you manage to get over it?.

Photo credit: Darwin Bell / Foter / CC BY-NC


  1. 3 times and I killed the feeling with my bear hands

    1. Three times? Sorry but thank God you murdered the feeling.

  2. True fact, the heart suffers alot all in the name of love

    1. Yes, I pity the heart but she is too stubborn. They break her every time and she still wants more.

  3. nice one...but love is sumthing that is very complication...i wish i cud talk more

    1. Everything is never right as it seems, the reason why love is complicated is because of the way we play the game.

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