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5 Simple But Effective Approach towards Increasing Your Self Confident

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Increasing Your  Self Confident
Life is just a vacuum waiting to be occupied,a blank page to be painted vividly with dreams. Its requires mixtures of colours and a unique live story. Be confident and along the line be happy.

Low self esteem and confidence all root from childhood. Our guardian deprived us,the role we played,situations we found ourselves ,environment and schools hypnotize us from taking advantage of growing up with Self Confidence.

Self esteem and Self confident is something one can learn it's a process, faith and action is off all accomplishment in life. Before one can effectively achieve this he or she must first de-hypnotize himself after being convince through personal experience that he lacks confidence . Detoxify yourself from those belied beliefs by increasing your awareness will bring more positive results.
Your level of awareness determined the path you trade in life. Not until false concepts,values,believes and thoughts about your inability is crushed confidence can't be built. From childhood you've been misled to accept and operate on wrong viewpoint about yourself. Below are few habits in- confident people portray:

  • They Compare Their Self With Other: They often feel that others are better than them, once this misconception  is adsorb deep in our subconscious mind its continue vibrating bring up thoughts of self worthlessness. They fail to realize that the more constant we compare our self with people the more loser  we become.

  • They Fake It. Shame and fear makes people practice the Fake It Till You Make It technique and it seems to work well in every aspect of life but leads to privatization and it drain authenticity and anxiety.

  • Indecisive-poor decision making. Low Self esteem and self confidence is accompanied by decision and fear making mistake. They think of the consequence of taking a stand.

  • Self Pity ,Worries and Procrastination are another habit low self confident people and the sum of it equals WEAKNESS. All this result as an inability to our own life, making people the controller. Worrying is an habit low self esteem can't eradicated, its normal sine everyone is doing better living healthy so, they worry about everything ranging from the looks,figure and so on. Procrastination is another weakness,when opportunity present itself the fear of making the wrong choice .  Lack of awareness the opportunity passes by the belief the right time is coming. Most the time good turn comes to those who walk ahead of time.

Other characteristic includes putting on timid appearance, boasting claiming to be better than everyone,he sees every one as his competitor. His Mr perfect,tries to please others but hates,dislike his self. Most of the time he guilty,shame always looking for love and he needs some else's approval before he can make decision.

10 Effective Ways to Build Self Confident.

1.Be Open Minded. Self confident is a path that require open mindedness.A positive affirmative mindset.  Its awaken you to changes of how black and white without mistaken certainties could be.

2.Love Your Self,recognize your self worth,don't allow people used you. Loving yourself unconditionally gives a sense of humour and some amazing abilities; To stop judging,forgive your self and others.Learn a positive and unique pattern of thinking in critical times.Stop looking for love in strangers and be happy. See no one as below you or be proud,boasting like you're better than.

3. Avoid seeking praise and unprofitable attention. Credits yourself don't waiting for people to do that. The most severe form of low confidential people is attention and sympathy.

4.Always do your best. Some of us grew up in homes where comparison  were common. Your parent also compare you to your neighbours child. The truth is you cant do better but your best only that's when your awareness has changed.

5. Highly Confident people avoids competition at all cost.They see life as a journey on a back of a donkey not a battle field . They desire to win but not to beat others.

Self confident can also be build concretely through goal setting. Setting and achieving an obtainable goal strengthen your confidence.The level of understanding  and the price paid to achieve a goal is deep same way your confidence gets stronger and happiness flows.

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  1. #3 and #4 go hand-in-hand. For me, a person must always give his or her best regardless of how small a task is. Live a life of excellence and don't wait for praise but trust that your excellent work will speak of how great a person you are.

  2. I will go with number 2. Confidence should start within ourselves so as our confidence will be boosted!

  3. I don't have much confidence in me and I know I should be the one who needs to change something in me somehow. Mindset maybe?

  4. I think it would be good to set your own goals and measure yourself based on that and not against others.

  5. Loving yourself is really the best place to start when you want to build self-confidence. This is something that must start from within!

  6. I definitely agree. I think it's really important to love yourself first. knowing your strengths and flaws can help you

  7. Self confidence is definitely a thing to work on, but so worth it.

  8. Building self confidence is a bit difficult but in the end it will be worth it.

  9. Great tips! Confidence is one of the best skill you have to learn -- and yes, it should be emphasized that it can be learned

  10. I wasn't such a confident person growing up. However, as I grew up I also learned more about myself and was able to accomplish great things so that really helped boost my confidence.

  11. i agree fully with you that seeking attention or sympathy is a very clear sign of low self esteem. love this post!

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  13. Nice Approach. The Write up highly effective. Self confidence starts from self.



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