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4 Rituals You Can Do Today To Guarantee A Better Tomorrow

Better future

"Youth is waste on the young” One of those powerful apophthegms that motivates me to put on hard work and utilize the potential of my 20’s. The grass is said to be greener when seeds of today will become trees tomorrow. The future of a man is built when his still strong, when he can still lift weight, the earlier this is done the better. Certain rituals can make a better ending and on the contrary a rigorous step has an effect.

 "It takes one minute to make someone's day and one word or action or wrong step to destroy entirely '

1.     1  Patience:
Growing up I wasn't that patience dog. The eagerness to accumulate wealth blurred my vision. It led me nowhere but depressing moment and more worries. Impatient can have a serious negative outcome. It's one those desires that's drive the world insane. People lack endurance, human are better off with quick satisfaction that last but a minute.
A friend was under the shadow of impatience, nights of worries, days of the same. Hoping to sip from that' Holy Grail "quick success with less effort ".Impatience made a fool out of him until he cultivated that balance. Impatience is linked with health and physiological risk. It's more rewarding being patience, its keeps your mind at ease and give you a clear meaning of life.
"It's good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth''
It's more like Lacking (unlike living for not for tomorrow satisfaction) today and having enough tomorrow than short lived.
2.     2  Understanding ------Increased awareness.
We live in an enlightening but blind world   behind the mirror where mistaken certainties is blindfolding, ruining mixed with different colour of religion and view, raised in homes with parent that can't keep up, went to schools that we  were deprive of knowledge. What am trying to say in essence is that human are perishing because of lack of knowledge and you shouldn't be among those that live back stage. Do anything humanly possible to expand your level of awareness of things and how the universe works. ''Knowledge is Power''..
You never knew if all you what were taught were true of false. I read a story of a young man who was always fed buy scholars, one day he decided to verify all his been taught, to his surprise 55% were fabricated. From that day forward he started doing for himself.
 ''The beginning of wise is to get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.


Wastes so Much Effort on....Don't:
Youth is Truly wasted on the young, we waste so much time channelling our youthful energies into dark and unprofitable route. Millions of young people are driven by this alcoholic influence . Waste so much trying to find love from strangers and happiness in lustful relationships, Chasing the latest gadgets, trending fashion, watching the TV and thinking that life revolves around that but unfortunately life is not dictionary. Sometimes the saying '' you don't know what you're doing till you stop doing it'' is true because people tend that realize the value of something when it has been taken away.(old age)

.Avoid Short lived Pleasure
Pleasure a mind blowing experience, simple but powerful. The other way round Pleasure is ruining... The urge of pleasurable satisfactions is why the world is suffering from depression of impatience; it’s the reason why everyone wants quick cash. The rate at which people desire to satisfy this intimacy is amazing but youth is a waste on the young when all this effort yield pleasures that are short lived.
  If you observe your immediate environment, your church, your classmate, the leaders you'll see the bigger picture, the endless pursuit of FUN and Pleasure. Turn around you'll see effects of short lived pleasure. (Teenage pregnancy, under age prostitution, women turning their into sex symbols, on the TVs) Everyone is stripping for the pot of Gold. Instead of paying attention and laying concrete foundations, setting the right goals and hard work, they are busy touring nightclubs all for the Pleasure. Am not in any way saying all pleasures are blind but short lived in the sense those who run after it are like seeds that are supposed to land of fertile soil for the better of tomorrow, unfortunately it falls on Rocks.

Any choice you make as a young person stay with you for the rest of your life, youth are making decisions they cannot hold on for a lifetime.(Dating, marrying at the wrong age, drinking alcohol and doing drugs and a whole lot of unwholesome things). Youth is age with blessing but don't sell your soul to live it. Do something today and enjoy a better tomorrow.

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Is Your Future Secured?

Being financially stable today doesn't guarantee the same years to come, the money tree you grow to might get finish if not well managed. Being financially wise can be of more important in years when you no longer superman.

In my whole life i have come across people i knew when i was much younger as well-to-do turn out to be like young boys with big dreams and empty jean.  I thought about what exactly made this categories of people went from being more wealthy to poor, i did i little research and i came to realize they weren't smart enough with money. And they leaved the moment only so, all they did was eat and let tomorrow worry about it self.
Is Your Future Secured?

That is the root of failure, wise invest in their future as the enjoy the present. Is your future secured in case earthquakes occur so you can breath again?.

  • Invest: An individual who fails to spend time,energy into something for a purpose of gaining in the future as good as a lifeless corpse. Investing in your future mean planting a seed today that you'll reap later in years to come or simply making certain sacrifices now to have a better tomorrow. 

The way things are uncertain you never can tell when you'll lose your current job, i have seen a couple of workers complain of being issued sack letters unexpectedly so, they ended up frustrated just because they failed to invest.

  • Opening a saving account today, save at least $10 a month, with no withdrawal for like 3 to 5 years. Calculate that, it worth something.

Build a quality relationship  with everyone , family, friends and co worker, they can effect or be a helper someday but if you where rocky around them when needs or lack arises and they are position to help you out, they might now so,Invest in your future by  investing in yourself .Change Your Thinking and Associate.The kind of company you keep has a huge effect on your future, positive associate and network keeps motivates your eagerness. 

There millions of benefit attached to an individual whose future is secure, his insured. Are you investing in your future or just living life on a daily bases? if yes then how are you going about it.