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8 Wise Choice a Guy In His 20's Should Make.

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8 Wise Choice a Guy In His 20's Should Make
Being in your early or mid 20's as a younger adolescence is one of the most crucial moment in life. Its that transitional stage when reality and mistaken certainties paves in simultaneously,maturity and the level of awareness of things of our lives go blurry. You'll be apportioned to make choice for yourself and any mistake affects your future. The madness of that moment  might over take the whole of you when you try  to embrace every things that comes in a bright light. (The urges to satisfy all the wants of the flesh and heart desires),
Life in your 20s is no more the bed of rose as it used to be in your teens but what you make it. Your present life is result of choice your parents made but in your 20s you are responsible for your 30's.

How you want to be treated,where you want to be,the level of happiness,knowledge and  awareness. If you desire to live a different and productive life you must be ready to change your thinking,relationship and start being proactive by taking full responsibility of every single events. And make smart decisions in your 20s to avoid horrendous 30s.

Life Lesson:One Things A Guy In 20's Should Know.

1.Success in life require sacrifice. Your actions  today is has a great effect on your tomorrow .

2.All things in life (whether good or bad)goes to those who increases their level of awareness that all earning in life don't come in a day but with time.

3.Nothing is impossible if you have a positive mindset and invest your energy in achieving something.

4.Life could be simply if you're contained with what you have and the little life opportune you in the moment.

5.Instead of allowing wrong concepts and life style tarnish your positive youthful productive energy think of better things to channel it in.

 6.All the fruit of today where seeds of yesterday,no one becomes rich overnight. Every wealthy man has a broke story.

7.It takes a lot for one to be who he dream to become.You got to have faith,be patience,diligent and be determined.

8.Act you age,don't pretend to older than you"re ,give yourself time to grow.-Nas.

 Majority of all the failure  in life is the result of the choices one make while growing up, instead of building your career you switched lane and jumped marriages. The problem young people have is the lack of the ability to exercise patient, always in a haste to acquire what took Henry Ford years to accomplish in few days.Rushing in life ends up in fetal crash.  Catherine Skroch  wrote a comprehensive list of  Things Every Person in Their 20's Should Totally Avoid

Stop ruining your life in your 20s by indulge inappropriate unhealthy lifestyle. Investing in self knowledge , save a little, avoid debt at all cost and Start taking control of everything about you, like taking good care of yourself, loving and caring for yourself and don't base your happiness on things that last a moment. Realize that happiness and love is within not in strangers and in relationships.


Always invest more in Self Improvement. Many area of your life needs toughing, improve on them. QUIT feeding on addiction(Ways to Overcome Pornography Addiction) but in ways to overcome each and everyone of it. The biggest mistake you can make is realizing at 40 that you wasted your 20s running around making memories you can barely remember. Living someone else's life instead of utilizing yours lo to the fullest and ending up regretting. And Never Trade What You Want Most For What You Want Right Now


  1. Amen!! "7.It takes a lot for one to be who he dream to become.You got to have faith,be patience,diligent and be determined".

  2. On item number 3. Yes one in his 20's should really have positive mind.At this point one must have the energy to make his dream a reality :)

  3. Most of the people in the age 20s think it's the time to enjoy life. It could be true but they should really learn how to invest in both the well-being and financial aspect. They should really limit their consume of alcohol and purchases of unnecessary things. They should focus on profitable and fruitful experiences.

  4. 1.Success in life require sacrifice. Your actions today is has a great effect on your tomorrow -this truly deserve to be at the top of this list.

  5. wow,this is really a nice list to read,good one indeed.

  6. I like the part where anything is possible with proper mindset. I think in our 20s, we should start to be more patient and be more future focused.

  7. These are all great tips. My 20's were some really fun years, but I also made sure to use those years as an investment for the future. Happy to say that, now in my 30's, I feel the work I've put in is slowly paying off,

  8. Sacrificing today for the future was quite hard if you are young but it will be rewarding in the future. Nice post!

  9. I love these life lessons! Some people in their 30's could even benefit from these


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