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What Do you Base Your Happiness Around?

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What Do you Base Your Happiness Around?

Life is a piece of art, nature creates it in such a way that one can resign his, choose the colors, paints amount of pictures he wants,  The creators made it flexible, you have the keys to yours life and the free will to lock if you decides to.

Happiness is the emotion of being happy; joy. All these are potential every  person possess  one but discovering them 'beats one's brains out' so they look for a god, someone to make them happy. Something to base their happiness around.

Your thoughts can define the state of mind and they path things will flow on,   People base  their happiness on varieties on things ranging from money, women/men, love and materials things.

It's believed love is the main source of it,  lack of understand make people think that basing their happiness around a woman and man can make them major, when they tear apart  they become sad and frustrated.

The whole inhabitants of this moment have this at heart '' Money can buy all i ever needed'', all they want is that mighty dollar so, they get it at all cost, any possible means but when its more than enough it becomes a burden. All they ever wanted was get it and it can buy that happiness but something ironic appeared on the big screen. Money can't buy you happiness because it's overpriced.

Material things gives you this superior  kind of feeling, you're feeling like ' I'm on top of the world, like you really have it all when you really had nothing.

One who base his happiness on fantasies that are man made is bound to be deplorable why because those things fade away with time. So pathetic, it advisable to base your happiness on thing that are immaterial.

Making things like money, lovers you source of happiness at first will seems ethical, you know nothing last forever, when that source of your well-being is no more maintaining that position due  to  certain thing, how will you breath again?.  Thoughtless, no one one wish to let go their happiness but things changes and moments dies. The choice left is sit and watch the thing you based your favourable fortune leaves, all the large papers, estates,women all gone. Will you still be bold enough to defend yourself or say i am alright?.

Materialism and humans are not to be trusted at all, they can disappoint you. The guys you think you live for today might turn out to be the person you wish you never knew, the millions you have one day can turn around out  to make you sad and frustrated.

'' Do not let your happiness depend on something you may lose. If love is to be a blessing, not a misery, it must be for the only Beloved who will never pass away.'' C,S Lewia.
If you base your happiness on material things which usually don't last forever you're inferior to those who focus one more important things.

Over to you,

What do you base your happiness around? material,women, and large paper?.

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  1. I once entered networking since it provided many material promises but I am not happy in networking industry so I pursued writing instead. Even though networking can fulfill anyone's dreams, I am not happy doing it so I chose to remain in freelance writing since I am happy with it. But thanks to networking industry, they provided me more writing high paying opportunities through blogging. Network marketing introduced me to blogging but I prefer blogging and writing rather than network marketing.

  2. I base my happiness on my family and I never want to base it on money and material things as it really doesn't last very wrong it will go away and you start searching for the next material thing that will make you happy.

  3. I base my happiness on the happiness of my family. Sad but true, they are mostly happy when they see money. So money = happiness whaha.

  4. I base my happiness on all the blessings I receive everyday, big or small. I find that when you consciously look for the good things in your life every single day, happiness is really not that hard to find.

  5. I base my blessing on how GOD gave me blessings in his ways. Surprisingly, he answered me not in an instant but by patiently waiting for it.. That is why we value his blessings much...

  6. I base my happiness on family, love, and all the blessings that I receive everyday. I base it on each moment that I am experiencing.

  7. I always try to be happy, i don't depend on external things to be a happy , happiness is a choice

  8. I base my happiness on God. That's why even if I'm lonely or broke I can still find joy knowing that He loves me and will provde for me :)

  9. For me happiness is not superficial its a state of contentment and acceptance. And yes I believe that happiness is a choice

  10. I would like to think that I base my happiness on my sense of integrity, I am working hard to shift the focus off of things that I could lose. I have always had a tendency to base my identity and my happiness on my job, but after I got laid off and was out of work for over a year, I found that not to be a stable foundation. So now I try to see it as more about how I feel about myself at the end of the day no matter how I spent my time.


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