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MTV featured, award nominated artist Von Tae' talks new EP and much more

 Von Tae

MTV featured, award nominated artist Von Tae' began writing and recording music in 2009. Growing up in a musically inclined family with singers and dancers, it was natural that Von Tae' would pick up what he was influenced by through family members. Playing around with his mom's cassette tapes and record player, he became heavily Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Luther Vandross, The Temptations, Missy Elliott, TLC, Ray Charles, and Usher just to name a few. 

Between September 2012 and January 2014, Von Tae' released two promotional albums, "Broken Boundaries of Existence" and "My Own Religion" which helped him earn multiple nominations from The All Star Music Awards including "Male R&B Artist of the Year", "Male Rapper of the Year", "Collaboration of the Year", and "HipHop/R&B Artist of the Year". In 2013, called Von Tae' "The new voice in pop culture". Alongside features on major magazines like RollingOut Von Tae' has been featured on websites such as JET Magazine, BET's Apollo Live, ThatGrapeJuice, MTV and many others.

In early 2015 Von Tae' began receiving a lot of buzz for his remixes which featured songs by Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Snoop Dogg just to name a few. In less than a year after Von Tae' dropped his mixtape ‪#‎VONTAETAKEOVER‬ (Vol. 1) in July 2015 as an appetizer to his highly anticipated EP "20 Minutes Past Late". Since the mixtape release, it has already garnered over 10,000 streams & downloads with 20,000+ streams and downloads on it's biggest featured remix to Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s "Feeling Myself". Through his music Soundcloud page alone, Von Tae' has independently reached over an impressive 45,000 streams and now plans to reach new heights with his "28 Mixtape Visuals" music videos which will exclusively be free to stream & download through his official YouTube page. 

Von Tae' is definitely one to look out for as he prepares to drop his long awaited project titled "20 Minutes Past Late" in the Fall of 2015 through 6820 Entertainment, his indie label which was founded back in 2014. His approach to the music industry is not to fit the latest trend but to create his own lane and leave his mark as Ivan Martias (Songwriter for EnVogue's "Don't Let Go") calls Von Tae', "...aesthetically marketable, charming; well spoken, driven; with an interesting backstory & aura."

Iam-Daniel manage to get hold of him took few minutes out of his busy schedule. He talk about his life, new EP on the way, motivation and a lot more. 

Hello Von Tae' its nice having you here. The last time I spoke with you was like 2years back ,it's been a long while. How has it been?

 It’s been amazing man, been working on some amazing stuff. Just focused on life and living right. How have you been?

 I have been making some changes, you they say change is the only permanent thing in life.

 Haha, very true! Well I've been working on an EP; just released my mixtape and things are looking up. I've found peace within myself. I few years ago I thought everything was falling to pieces until I found courage and started to pray more and things seem to be happening for me.

And from the look of things you nothing has been the same. Tell me more because it's seems you have so much now.  I see that you have improved. I can see you really put more effort into it. I like the mixtape. It's dope. Let's talk about upcoming EP ' 20 Minutes Past Late' how is it like? I mean the concept.

Thank you, thank you. I totally agree. And thank you for the compliments on the mixtape
My EP is very energized. It’s very cocky, and in your face. I think it'll help boost the confidence of its listeners. It definitely did for me. It was like therapy writing and recording it.

What inspired you to come up with such title 20 Minutes Past Late? There’s a bigger picture can you throw more light?

I decided to name it 20 Minutes Past Late because of my life. Everything's been late. Getting my license, my car, etc. Plus it’s been a minute since my last project so this album is kinda "late" to me and my fans. But I know when it’s done it'll be worth the wait.

I love your perception. Its meaningful it's a very clear one and I think people can't wait to listen to the music. Let's talk about you. You were featured on MTV and Rolling Out Magazine deemed you” The New Voice of Pop Culture” They gave you that to show you your work ethic? What do you have to say about being noticed and what does it mean to you?.

It’s a blessing being recognized for what you've worked hard for. I’ve come a long way since being a little kid growing up dreaming about these things and now they are happening. I’m so fortunate to have these things and the ability to reach out to others as an inspiration.

I can't imagine how you feel right now. Where do you see yourself in in 5 years from now?

5 years from now I see myself happy, still ambitious, a father of twins, still making music, touring, successful, one of the greatest entertainers of all time and giving back to my community where I was raised as well to other people who are less fortunate. I'm all about giving back and helping others in need.

Giving back? Many popular act said the same thing but they changed with time. What makes you think you'll you won't end up like them?

I could never because I have a heart. A lot of people say things just for attention, I don't. I have people in my family struggling so I will always be the one to give back because I see it every day.

 Is that your motivation, giving back?  What Provides You With Motivation?  Are You a Self Motivator?

 I'm always motivating. Its in my music. I don't do music for fun or a hobby. It’s my life. I share my life experiences (good/bad) to motivate. I'm nobody's role model and wouldn't say my music is anything of a role model, its just real and raw. Take it or leave it.

You know how music is in this century, if you don't make money it's seems like you're not making sense. Every musician this days is either bragging about what's his gotten or about girls. Are you following the trend or will your be different?

Nothing under the sun is 100% different. All I can say is that I'm being myself. Im doing be, not trying to follow trends. Everything from me is real. I'm telling my stories through my music. I can't speak on behalf of any other artist except myself.

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

I admire many but I really admire Michael Jackson. His passion for music and life was beautiful. I love how he cared so much not just for singing and writing but the detailed production behind it. Also loved how he gave back as well. Beyonce's drive inspires me as well. Very hard worker she is.

Michael was a hard worker. What's lessons have learned from him?

I've learned this industry is a tough industry especially when you're at the top. You’ve got to be a fighter and stand for what you believe in, while being the artist who makes great music. He worked hard, that's the  biggest lesson.

How often and for how long do you write your song, do you freestyle ?

I write all the time. Even now that my EP is done, I still write songs. I have tons of unreleased music. It’s very therapeutic for me to write and record. Sometimes I can freestyle bars here and there but mostly everything is written and planned. I prefer it that way.

What's advice do have for upcoming musician who wants to be like you?

I say do it because you love it not because its a way out the ghetto or because it’s a trend.
The bullshit that comes with this industry, you won't be able to take it if you're not doing this from the heart. So do it because you wake up every day thinking about it, and never give up if it’s really what you're tryna pursue.

It's very nice having you here, thank for your time and I must say your mixtape is amazing. I know the EP is going to be great.

 Thank you so much! And yes, the EP is amazing. Can't wait for the world to hear it. It was a pleasure being 

You can connect with him through the following social media. 


16 Approach to Simplifying Your Life

25 Approach to Simplifying Your Life

A Donkey's year ago a simplified life was harder than Boron Nitride. The mental bondage that life is way too cold was stock up in my head like some sort of micro chips. Overcoming it wasn't easy but a process, a journey with probably no definite destination. It's only accomplished with time and with also the appropriate application of effective medium like Desire and positive mind towards achieving it. A simplified life means different things to different people to me it's living peacefully without the stress and the depression in the world outshining the little light of mine.

Listed below are starter tips I made used of and there's no steps to steps rules.

  • Start with Priorities. These are the things , the goals you are about to achieve which is a simplified life .Have a to-do list and give each and every one a time frame . Do one thing at a time, stop multitasking, why hurry up to accomplish more than enough in a limited time ?. Focus instead on a specific thing at a time and quit being disquiet of things instead pay attention to what important but we tend to run farther than our own legs. 

  • Drop commitment with less value, revaluate commitment, drop off things you don't need or isn't adding value and pay attention to those with more values. Life is all change and it's wise to drop anything that's resistant to change to match with the happening in your life. 

  • Be satisfied with what you have. The urge to accumulate all the material wealth in the world don't make us satisfied and fulfilled but it makes life complicated and battle of the fittest instead of having a balance. "If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that bought it back _Holly Black. 

1. Change what you can change.
2. Do thing that brings you joy..
3. Stop feeling not good enough and trying to be perfect.
4. Switch off your phone off when you need quiet moment.
5. Increase your awareness, don't die with lack of knowledge or settle down for less.
6. Set yourself tasks from which you'll gain satisfaction.
7. Identify where your strength lies.
8. Don’t worry about tomorrow.
9. Know, be and believe in your self.
10. Stop procrastination.
11. Let discipline be your best friend.
12. Stay spiritually strong, morally too.
13. Control your thoughts.
14. Make friends with simple people and those who have the same focus as yours.
15. Don’t follow everything your heart tells you, verify them before you take a step.
16. Be slow to Anger. 

Photo credit: Aristocrats-hat

4 Rituals You Can Do Today To Guarantee A Better Tomorrow

Better future

"Youth is waste on the young” One of those powerful apophthegms that motivates me to put on hard work and utilize the potential of my 20’s. The grass is said to be greener when seeds of today will become trees tomorrow. The future of a man is built when his still strong, when he can still lift weight, the earlier this is done the better. Certain rituals can make a better ending and on the contrary a rigorous step has an effect.

 "It takes one minute to make someone's day and one word or action or wrong step to destroy entirely '

1.     1  Patience:
Growing up I wasn't that patience dog. The eagerness to accumulate wealth blurred my vision. It led me nowhere but depressing moment and more worries. Impatient can have a serious negative outcome. It's one those desires that's drive the world insane. People lack endurance, human are better off with quick satisfaction that last but a minute.
A friend was under the shadow of impatience, nights of worries, days of the same. Hoping to sip from that' Holy Grail "quick success with less effort ".Impatience made a fool out of him until he cultivated that balance. Impatience is linked with health and physiological risk. It's more rewarding being patience, its keeps your mind at ease and give you a clear meaning of life.
"It's good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth''
It's more like Lacking (unlike living for not for tomorrow satisfaction) today and having enough tomorrow than short lived.
2.     2  Understanding ------Increased awareness.
We live in an enlightening but blind world   behind the mirror where mistaken certainties is blindfolding, ruining mixed with different colour of religion and view, raised in homes with parent that can't keep up, went to schools that we  were deprive of knowledge. What am trying to say in essence is that human are perishing because of lack of knowledge and you shouldn't be among those that live back stage. Do anything humanly possible to expand your level of awareness of things and how the universe works. ''Knowledge is Power''..
You never knew if all you what were taught were true of false. I read a story of a young man who was always fed buy scholars, one day he decided to verify all his been taught, to his surprise 55% were fabricated. From that day forward he started doing for himself.
 ''The beginning of wise is to get wisdom, and whatever you get, get insight.


Wastes so Much Effort on....Don't:
Youth is Truly wasted on the young, we waste so much time channelling our youthful energies into dark and unprofitable route. Millions of young people are driven by this alcoholic influence . Waste so much trying to find love from strangers and happiness in lustful relationships, Chasing the latest gadgets, trending fashion, watching the TV and thinking that life revolves around that but unfortunately life is not dictionary. Sometimes the saying '' you don't know what you're doing till you stop doing it'' is true because people tend that realize the value of something when it has been taken away.(old age)

.Avoid Short lived Pleasure
Pleasure a mind blowing experience, simple but powerful. The other way round Pleasure is ruining... The urge of pleasurable satisfactions is why the world is suffering from depression of impatience; it’s the reason why everyone wants quick cash. The rate at which people desire to satisfy this intimacy is amazing but youth is a waste on the young when all this effort yield pleasures that are short lived.
  If you observe your immediate environment, your church, your classmate, the leaders you'll see the bigger picture, the endless pursuit of FUN and Pleasure. Turn around you'll see effects of short lived pleasure. (Teenage pregnancy, under age prostitution, women turning their into sex symbols, on the TVs) Everyone is stripping for the pot of Gold. Instead of paying attention and laying concrete foundations, setting the right goals and hard work, they are busy touring nightclubs all for the Pleasure. Am not in any way saying all pleasures are blind but short lived in the sense those who run after it are like seeds that are supposed to land of fertile soil for the better of tomorrow, unfortunately it falls on Rocks.

Any choice you make as a young person stay with you for the rest of your life, youth are making decisions they cannot hold on for a lifetime.(Dating, marrying at the wrong age, drinking alcohol and doing drugs and a whole lot of unwholesome things). Youth is age with blessing but don't sell your soul to live it. Do something today and enjoy a better tomorrow.

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Strong and Lasting Relationship: 8 Tips For Newly Married Couples
So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.” 
― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook
A couple of days ago I got a mail from a good friend of mine who happened to be one of my favourite reader,he informed me about his upcoming wedding and his love for my writings and at the end of his mail he added"Do your mental have some tips for me as am about to tire the knot?. It's a amazing things to finally wake up to the girl of your Dreams laying next to you but the most beautiful thing is making it last a lifetime. Newly wedded couple don't have to scared of the global change that's currently affecting dating and marriage scenes . This era a very high percent of newly marriages hardly stand a test of time. According to statistics 41-50 percent of first marriages fail,meaning a huge number last and anyone can be among the successful percentage. (8 Most Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail)Marriage isn't outdated, it's a Holy Matrimony that will forever  no amount of modernization can erupts it.

Few Things Newly-weds Need to Have in Back of Their minds.

1.Marriages are complicated. It could be run smoothly without disruption only if credibility and total commitment backed-up with patience and work (the power to settle or deal with conflict) Is employed.

2.Your Partner might Change ,the burning flame might reduce. And it's all will be left for you to revive it. All healthy and happy marriage face this, they fall in and out of love despite that don't don't use as a medium to take a break but add more Charcoal or Gasoline too it.

3.Without Hard-Work nothing grows only weeds.What I mean in essence is no matter what happens settle it and don't looking for help from strangers or your mothers.

4.Trust is equivalent to air and the most important to have in and relationship.

5.Learn to Accept your partner the way he/she is. Change is a permanent thing but don't expect people to change just to make a wish. Marrying your partner is and indication that you've accepted all his/flaws and weakness.

6.When you're wrong Learn to apologize sincerely. Like I said described in the article. Love Others, human makes mistake ,it's inevitable, at time we man could be boring. Always act matured and admit it and pay the price it's takes for peace to rain.
7.The Power of touch : Never underestimate the power of physical tough in any marriage, it's has the power to transmit emotions and also strengthen the relationship. It's has a positive energies of improving your health and also any powerful means of communication. Tough is a language of love, it's trigger your hormones and makes you feel secured.

              Read:5 Secrets to a Successful Long-Term Relationship or Marriage

8.Resolve Conflicts Effectively. Conflict is one those strangers you can't avoid to welcome. It's inevitable but could be worked through effectively. The problem most people has is the ability of resolving them as soon as its pave it way in. Instead of laying blames listen to your partner and compromise with them.

  • Make Spirituality Top Priority.  
  • Avoid Abuses. 
  • Make Communication your top Priority too. 
  • Be a Good listener too 
  • Learn to disagree and agree.
  • Don't try to change your spouse or make your spouse change for you.
  • Learn to appreciate your partner, always.
  • Learn to love your self and take care.
  • Respect your spouse.

Kahlil Gibran
“Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup. Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf. Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music. Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping. For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts. And stand together, yet not too near together: For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.”
― Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Adjusting to marriage life too could be overwhelming moment but you could adjust to marriage as a learning experience Marriage is WORK Many nearly wedded couple fail to notice this. Being crazy in love don't grantee everlasting but growing in love by increasing the level of your awareness. (learning how to manage a home ,taking care of each and making a preparation for the babies. ). Marriage isn't a bed of roses, there's a fine line between boyfriend and Married individuals.

Photo credit: Suzi Edwards-Alexander

10 Powerful Habits Of The Super Successful (Infographic)

I found his bewildering infographic , its  an eminent approach to manage get you into the right perspective to get you to the destinations you are orchestrated to fulfil: It goes more than 10 convincing slants for ultra profitable individuals and solidify some confirmed circumstances where popular individuals have utilized them to make progress. So, i decided to share it
Infographic Source: Addictedtosuccess

8 Wise Choice a Guy In His 20's Should Make.

8 Wise Choice a Guy In His 20's Should Make
Being in your early or mid 20's as a younger adolescence is one of the most crucial moment in life. Its that transitional stage when reality and mistaken certainties paves in simultaneously,maturity and the level of awareness of things of our lives go blurry. You'll be apportioned to make choice for yourself and any mistake affects your future. The madness of that moment  might over take the whole of you when you try  to embrace every things that comes in a bright light. (The urges to satisfy all the wants of the flesh and heart desires),
Life in your 20s is no more the bed of rose as it used to be in your teens but what you make it. Your present life is result of choice your parents made but in your 20s you are responsible for your 30's.

How you want to be treated,where you want to be,the level of happiness,knowledge and  awareness. If you desire to live a different and productive life you must be ready to change your thinking,relationship and start being proactive by taking full responsibility of every single events. And make smart decisions in your 20s to avoid horrendous 30s.

Life Lesson:One Things A Guy In 20's Should Know.

1.Success in life require sacrifice. Your actions  today is has a great effect on your tomorrow .

2.All things in life (whether good or bad)goes to those who increases their level of awareness that all earning in life don't come in a day but with time.

3.Nothing is impossible if you have a positive mindset and invest your energy in achieving something.

4.Life could be simply if you're contained with what you have and the little life opportune you in the moment.

5.Instead of allowing wrong concepts and life style tarnish your positive youthful productive energy think of better things to channel it in.

 6.All the fruit of today where seeds of yesterday,no one becomes rich overnight. Every wealthy man has a broke story.

7.It takes a lot for one to be who he dream to become.You got to have faith,be patience,diligent and be determined.

8.Act you age,don't pretend to older than you"re ,give yourself time to grow.-Nas.

 Majority of all the failure  in life is the result of the choices one make while growing up, instead of building your career you switched lane and jumped marriages. The problem young people have is the lack of the ability to exercise patient, always in a haste to acquire what took Henry Ford years to accomplish in few days.Rushing in life ends up in fetal crash.  Catherine Skroch  wrote a comprehensive list of  Things Every Person in Their 20's Should Totally Avoid

Stop ruining your life in your 20s by indulge inappropriate unhealthy lifestyle. Investing in self knowledge , save a little, avoid debt at all cost and Start taking control of everything about you, like taking good care of yourself, loving and caring for yourself and don't base your happiness on things that last a moment. Realize that happiness and love is within not in strangers and in relationships.


Always invest more in Self Improvement. Many area of your life needs toughing, improve on them. QUIT feeding on addiction(Ways to Overcome Pornography Addiction) but in ways to overcome each and everyone of it. The biggest mistake you can make is realizing at 40 that you wasted your 20s running around making memories you can barely remember. Living someone else's life instead of utilizing yours lo to the fullest and ending up regretting. And Never Trade What You Want Most For What You Want Right Now

8 Most Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriage Fail
Marriage is a stand-out amongst the most critical bonds two individuals can make with one another. Dating and marriage is different this days. In today"s society, more than 50% of all marriages fail for one reason or another.
The fact is that relationships, whether dating or married, are full of ups and down. Things do not always go perfectly, fighting does occur, and it takes a 100% commitment from both parties to make it a success.
There are hundreds of reasons why Relationship be it dating or marriage  fails. In days article i will be sharing with you 8 Most Common Reasons Why Marriages Fail in our society today.

1.Inability to resolve conflict.

Couples whose peace existence has been occupied by critics, disagreement, and argument . This are destructive calamities when its successful have its way. Failure to recognise and resolve matters when its fresh results instability. Augment and disaster can be controlled only if both lover safeguard their companionship with total respect-respect themselves and their point of view also. They avoid abuses or any action that could lead to conflict and settle their differences Asap when matter arises.

2.Lack of communication
.Communication is relevant just like air is to human survival. Every unhealthy, abusive, negative relationship sip from the same Holy Grail,  its either lack efficient communication or none at all.  Many employs inappropriate pattern. Despicable, blames, judging their wrongs, character instead accepting and making use of communication properly.

3.Abusive, blaming, complaining unnecessarily rather than appreciating your partner, loving them unconditionally. Over underrating leads to negative feelings which one end up developing destructive behaviour. This in turn cut communication, failure to revive things smartly can wreak relationship.

4.Developing Bad Assumptive Pattern..We live in a society where people harbour the bad experience,events and forget the good compliment and happy moment. The assumptive pattern employed by some partners are poisonous .People assume to be mind readers,a god who knows what they can't actually prove beyond reasonable draughts .There are positive constructive  assumptions relationships can mimic but they avoid it and cling to those who tears apart the bond. If you want your relationship to pass a test of time don't assume or auto suggest .Make effective use of communication with total avoidance of abusive terms criticism,blames,mockery but directly and respectively.

 6.IDGAF Attitude.  Negative feelings paves,it could be due to the world depression,stress from work.When negative feelings is permitted to take charge, its dangerous. Skilled couple don't just freak out but try to understand each other, failure to implement vital mechanism leads to childish opposite reaction--Avoiding each other  won't do any good.

7,Expecting Perfection..Flaw are integral part of human.No one can avoid them forever.Every healthy relationship is the union of two people with flaws. Its takes patience unconditional loves and a forgiving heart to survive .Inability to forgive and forget and accept people as they are quench the burning flames. Couple who rewriting history relationship don't last because they expect perfection-the height no one has ever reached.

8.Wrong Foundation..Many unhealthy relationships,breakup,divorce are products of faulty foundation "You cannot build a dream on a foundation of sand". 50 percent of relationship don't originate from genuine  or base on love but Lust .They requirement are unrealistic,
people intentionally love for selfish and material wants.For money and pleasure, things falls apart when all this expectation turn unrealistic,when little conflict ,argument occurs no amount of conflict resolvent technique will make peace reign even if it does ,since it was base on pretends and reasons it will definitely break off.

Any one who wants healthy and lasting relationship should erase fantasy, loving for reasons and seeking person perfection where its impossible.


Love is a crazy consuming flame, it power up our hormone making it confusing to understand if it really love or deception. Fantasies and picture perfect impression can be pretence .Its advisable not to belong to that insane asylum of those that love   drove insane.
Getting to know someone "Courtship" is really relevant, its a process but this days people are so impatience so, they attached to anyone,quickly without thorough examination and end up falling out of loving. GETTING Too Serious Too Quickly without taking time to explore more just to avoid the aftermath of blind love.

Excessive Jealousy,Selfishness __Jealousy is pretty normal,every one jealous once in their live time but excessive and uncontrolled jealousy is one of the frequent cause of breakup .Lack of trust and jealousy is poisonous .Insecurity takes the blame and failure to verify assumptions is deadly.

10 Reasons Why You Are Still Nowhere Near Success

Year after year people makes resolutions, set goals,dream of succeeding in their business, they bet their bottom dollar but end up achieving below the par'. Alongside, we notice it's not like they have never worked hard like their fellow counterpart who planted on a piece of land and harvested good products nor because others have got 2 heads better than ours. It's simply because we have not been able to search ourselves through to know what could be responsible for such. Today I'll be sharing with you few reasons you never accomplished or failed to achieve bountiful.

10 Reasons Why You Can't Achieve Success.

1. Our thoughts,character contributes more to our achievements in life. An optimist strives to achieve his desire while a pessimist occupies his head with thoughts of failure and impossibility which reaps no results. James Allen said" All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts". Pensively, are you an optimist or a pessimist?
To get this right, note that we are the author and finisher of our fortunes. The subconscious mind attracts hidden thoughts and it directly manifest in our characters. Hence, negative thoughts materializes into failure. Nothing is done without being optimistic ,hope and confident. Believe in yourself that you actually do that which seems impossible
The joy in doing what is best for you tend drive you crazy. A purpose driven someone knows what he is after and he enjoys doing it. Therefore,success lies in doing what you love to do. I challenge you to find your purpose for life, be specific, have a target ---a goal you want to achieve and devote your time, energy to it, with the right mindset success lies.
3.You Procrastinate Wrongly.
Most people procrastinate by waiting for an appointed time, they fail to recognize that this appointed time can only be met when they tend to make effort doing what is expected of them rightly.
Our friends don't decide our life though but they can influence it, positively or negatively. There's most likely we are influenced by those with whom we relate. Our society has made this perception in numerous regions of conduct; The possibility of being influenced by those we spend our 24 hours with is a high. This is why: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." . Keeping company with those who are positive to your success in life gives you more energy, "Success is a journey fun when embarked with people who's desires is to achieve it. In Napoleon Hill's book. Think and Grow Rich: Chapter 10. Power of the Master Mind. He stressed out the importance of keeping company with people whose focus is to attain a definite purpose. To accomplish a goal a strong mastermind group or network is very vital. Great walls are built by groups of masterminded builders . A wise king makes wiser decisions with a committee of smart elders. Also, a successful man keeps company with success conscious people. Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." - Henry Ford.
In life, whatever happens to you is a product of whatever choice you make. Hence, nothing hits a man unless he permits it. Failure to motivate your self is like failing to begin: "Be courageous enough to enjoy courage. self motivation therefore energizes you to dream which helps to achieve a greater ambition."
6. You Never Care to Eliminate Distractions.
This era,people care less not knowing that any unproductive minute wasted is a moment lost forever . We tend to keep ourselves busy with the master of distractions called the internet, smartphones,watching TV, playing video games,associating with negative people , wasting away in wrong relationship that draw us backwards while you're supposed to plant the great trees of tomorrow.
All those makes life tough but it's makes you live for today not for tomorrow's satisfaction. The best way to strike a balance is learn to manage time effectively and increase your productivity.Care less of what people think of you, turn off notifications, avoid starting your day in neutral but make the most out of your everyday and develop a distraction free routine.
7. You Were not Passionate about what you desired for./Never Believed In Your Ability
When you fail to to ignite the burning desire for something and let the aspirations drive your you won't identify the beauty in the struggle. Remember:"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day of your life." -Confucius
8.Your Failed to Plan  Your Life.
Many understand the importance of planning ceremonies but fail to implement the same technique when it's comes to life accomplishment. Anyone who doesn't plan, in contrary digs his own graves(plans to fail). Planning is an unavoidable function of success. It's of no meaning to go after achieving something not planned for because the possibility of achievement is slim. A plan gives you direction, you in control , prepares you against uncertainty ,it's the vehicles that drives your purpose. And move your subconscious mind at work. Life could be so unclear when looked from afar but brighter when viewed from the right angle.
This era,people care less not knowing that any unproductive minute wasted is a moment lost forever . We tend to keep ourselves busy with the master of distractions called the internet, smartphones,watching TV, playing video games,associating with negative people , wasting away in wrong relationship that draws us backwards while you're supposed to plant the great trees of tomorrow.
All those makes life tough but it's makes you live for today not for tomorrow's satisfaction. The best way to strike a balance is learn to manage time effectively and increase your productivity.Care less of what people think of you, turn off notifications, avoid starting your day in neutral but make the most out of your everyday and develop a distraction free routine.

10.You Never Thought About Getting Off Your Comfort zone .
At times why people fail is just simply a matter of locations, the place,the wrong time, the wrong job, wrong city, its a very unrealized tricks. Every one is succeeding in that field but not everybody is capable, Knowing when to move to the next opportunity. When to get off your comfort zone, it could be in form of changing your mind, habits, friends. Accomplishing success in life is a choice but being poor is a decision. Be determined then you can overcome the obstacles nothing will work unless you do. 10.You
A downfall was never the end but simply an opportunity to begin again, more wittily. Those times you never accomplish anything were steps and foundation of success. You fail to recognize them. One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.. Failure is a friend. Be sincere with your work and don't be afraid to take chances.
Action and It's Price
All accomplishment has price tags. Without having proper understanding of the scope of how to accomplish it in life, you won't stand a test of time. Having a talent is one thing,discovering, utilizing and exposure is another. People who fail most times took all the steps to reach that pinnacle (success ) but things went sideways. Karma tend to play her role in lives of those who permits it. Many harbour the insane beliefs that their misfortune is as a result of lack of luck or fate. Nothing is impossible. Like I said in the beginning Of this post, our future is in our hands. We are the architect ,we recreate and design Who we want to become. To succeed, be conscious,find your purpose and put your whole soul to it, above all be pure in the heart, smart abstain from crooked ways.

5 Simple But Effective Approach towards Increasing Your Self Confident

Increasing Your  Self Confident
Life is just a vacuum waiting to be occupied,a blank page to be painted vividly with dreams. Its requires mixtures of colours and a unique live story. Be confident and along the line be happy.

Low self esteem and confidence all root from childhood. Our guardian deprived us,the role we played,situations we found ourselves ,environment and schools hypnotize us from taking advantage of growing up with Self Confidence.

Self esteem and Self confident is something one can learn it's a process, faith and action is off all accomplishment in life. Before one can effectively achieve this he or she must first de-hypnotize himself after being convince through personal experience that he lacks confidence . Detoxify yourself from those belied beliefs by increasing your awareness will bring more positive results.
Your level of awareness determined the path you trade in life. Not until false concepts,values,believes and thoughts about your inability is crushed confidence can't be built. From childhood you've been misled to accept and operate on wrong viewpoint about yourself. Below are few habits in- confident people portray:

  • They Compare Their Self With Other: They often feel that others are better than them, once this misconception  is adsorb deep in our subconscious mind its continue vibrating bring up thoughts of self worthlessness. They fail to realize that the more constant we compare our self with people the more loser  we become.

  • They Fake It. Shame and fear makes people practice the Fake It Till You Make It technique and it seems to work well in every aspect of life but leads to privatization and it drain authenticity and anxiety.

  • Indecisive-poor decision making. Low Self esteem and self confidence is accompanied by decision and fear making mistake. They think of the consequence of taking a stand.

  • Self Pity ,Worries and Procrastination are another habit low self confident people and the sum of it equals WEAKNESS. All this result as an inability to our own life, making people the controller. Worrying is an habit low self esteem can't eradicated, its normal sine everyone is doing better living healthy so, they worry about everything ranging from the looks,figure and so on. Procrastination is another weakness,when opportunity present itself the fear of making the wrong choice .  Lack of awareness the opportunity passes by the belief the right time is coming. Most the time good turn comes to those who walk ahead of time.

Other characteristic includes putting on timid appearance, boasting claiming to be better than everyone,he sees every one as his competitor. His Mr perfect,tries to please others but hates,dislike his self. Most of the time he guilty,shame always looking for love and he needs some else's approval before he can make decision.

10 Effective Ways to Build Self Confident.

1.Be Open Minded. Self confident is a path that require open mindedness.A positive affirmative mindset.  Its awaken you to changes of how black and white without mistaken certainties could be.

2.Love Your Self,recognize your self worth,don't allow people used you. Loving yourself unconditionally gives a sense of humour and some amazing abilities; To stop judging,forgive your self and others.Learn a positive and unique pattern of thinking in critical times.Stop looking for love in strangers and be happy. See no one as below you or be proud,boasting like you're better than.

3. Avoid seeking praise and unprofitable attention. Credits yourself don't waiting for people to do that. The most severe form of low confidential people is attention and sympathy.

4.Always do your best. Some of us grew up in homes where comparison  were common. Your parent also compare you to your neighbours child. The truth is you cant do better but your best only that's when your awareness has changed.

5. Highly Confident people avoids competition at all cost.They see life as a journey on a back of a donkey not a battle field . They desire to win but not to beat others.

Self confident can also be build concretely through goal setting. Setting and achieving an obtainable goal strengthen your confidence.The level of understanding  and the price paid to achieve a goal is deep same way your confidence gets stronger and happiness flows.

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5 Ways To Overcoming Lonliness

Life could be so unfair at times,  situations knot bow tie. A very close friend of mine heart was smash on rock by a lady. He was lost in his world, getting over the depression was really complicated fpr him to handle, it got worsen. Depression that turn in resentment. Loneliness paves in and his world was falling apart. I couldn't just stare  blankly watching him break down, i knew exactly how he felt so, i advice him to put his heart upon his and strong.

Loner entertain  thoughts, uncontrollable overwhelming kind of but dwelling there and giving the feeling total control over you cage you more. Have you ever imagined a life with a satisfied intimacy?  . I mean a happy life with no interference of suicidal feelings of loneliness. You might think it's impossible but my dear it's.


When is someone said to Lonely and What cause it?

Everyone catches the feeling, it's  normal.Someone might  decides to separate his/her self for a purpose(solitude) but in a situation they become depressed due to being alone in that case the person is said be lonely.
Loneliness is triggered by numerous conditions like breakup, Lost of love One, especially spouse, Sudden change off environment-migration from one country or another for work.

Loneliness is said to have  genetic connection and those with Low self-esteem tend to become lonely because they lack confidence and also  think that they are  worthless.

It be-gets more intense loneliness,studies shows that its has health effect. A University of Chicago social psychologist John Cacioppo, studied the biological effects and came up with much bad effect that  loner  are at risk of endangering their lives.

  • It's tied to hardening of the arteries (which leads to high blood pressure),
  • inflammation in the body, and even problems with learning and memory.
  • Even fruit flies that are isolated have worse health and die sooner than those that interact with others, showing that social engagement may be hard-wired, Cacioppo said.

Other effect  includes Depression  suicide,Cardiovascular disease,stroke,Increased stress levels ,Decreased memory  learning,Antisocial behaviour.Poor decision-making ,Alcoholism and drug abuse, The progression of Alzheimer's disease and Altered brain function.
Like Smoking  It doesn't only effect an individual only but those around them making its contagious.

How to Stop Feeling  Lonely ?.

How can a loner get over the sensation of feeling like his been lock
out of heaven gate. ?

1.Firstly you figure out the cause.
 Is it breaks up depression that triggered the feeling?.You can't conquer the unknown unless you satisfy your intimate desires.

2.Realization and acceptance of your loneliness as normal. Don't blame the universe,yourself or feel discouraged instead try to break free from it instead. Maybe you lost someone dear to you, accept the fact that his/she is gone for time indefinite. Rather than beating your brain out or crying a river just pick up every piece of you and move on.

3.Speak to your feelings-avoid shying away. Make decisions to face your fear. The problem we human have is that of standing up for something, speaking straight to our fear in hard  times. The fear of looking straight in the mirror in critical conditions.
Replace that's isolated mentality with a sociality kind of. If not the depression  won't seize despite being  surrounded crowd.

4.Stop Isolating yourself.-Get Off your comfort zone. Don't expect change, make it happen . Reach-out to  others in your world, find someone who cherishes you. Life is incomplete without the availability of close associate. Reaching out for others people, reunion with old
friends, fixed broken communication with friends by calling. Don't rely on Facebook chatting because it won't help matters but double them when you log out.

5. Work on Positive Thinking. Loneliness comes along with anxiety which is predisposed to Negative thinking. Be optimistic that's you'll be better soon. Though you may get a roll-over of negative thoughts but striving for the bright side will do more help in shaping your success
of loneliness.

Depression from loneliness can be overwhelming,annoying and suicidal. Making your feel worthless, but its not the end of the world,your mind is only lying to you. Stand up and make a decision. Human lack decision making capability . Over procrastinating and fear of what might happen next trouble us a lot so, we tend to manage bad situations.

Make the necessary lifestyle change, they say to get over a habit you must look for a substitute. Satisfied hungry needs and occupy vacuums.You can also do this by identifying the root cause and attacking smartly .And when it's getting tougher you fight to the end.